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  1. Robert Bixler

    Vegas Wedding Contest!

    23 jackpots $75,580.48
  2. Robert Bixler

    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #11 for $1,100

    $17,550.00 for this week's total jackpots.
  3. Robert Bixler

    $1,000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #10 Christmas Eve

  4. Robert Bixler

    $900 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #9

  5. Robert Bixler

    Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

    22,500 total.
  6. Robert Bixler

    Las Vegas - Hard Rock Giveaway plus $100 Cash Bonus*

    $101,000 BOOM.
  7. Robert Bixler

    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    First jackpot of 3000 Depending how long the Raja streams I will say 3 in first hour 5 in 2nd hour and 8 if he streams for 3 hours. Buffalo for first game to play.
  8. Robert Bixler

    Robert Bixler from Gainseville, GA

    Thank you. And thank you to your family of Drivers. Best storie I have is winning 7k within 2 days of roulette and slot play at Fire Keepers Casino in Battle Creek, MI. As far as travels in and out of state's would be going from Oregon to New Jersey and seeing the brave Men and Women fighting the Forest Fire's.
  9. Robert Bixler

    Best Pet Photo Contest!

    American Bulldog.. He don't ride in the truck with me anymore unfortunately..
  10. Robert Bixler

    Best Pet Photo Contest!

    This is my sidekick Diesel..
  11. Hello all.. I'm a 37 year old Truck Driver travel all across the U.S. and love it. This is my sidekick Diesel although He isn't with me he will always be in My thoughts.