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    1st weekend Feb. birthday Group pull

    Looking to put together a Group Pull in Blackhawk for my birthday.
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    Michael Baughman


    I'm Michael, 28 years old, living in Westland, Michigan. I have been an avid slot player since I was 21. The city that I live in is roughly about 15 minutes from downtown Detroit, which contains three nice casinos. So, a little bit of variety there. I want to thank the entire community of people at TBJ. I have tried being a part of way too many slot channels on YouTube over the years, and most contained too much drama. With everything TBJ has to offer, it's no wonder it is the most subscribed slot channel on YouTube. I want to thank again, The Raja and his entire team of very hard working people. As a sponsor, I am enjoying the daily content on YouTube, as well as the live streaming. I look forward to becoming a Patreon member very soon.