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    got 195 free spins on beer haus200 (150,5,20,20) won 154.00 on a 40 cent bet i dont think it is the good for that many spins
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    My biggest handpay ever! 25 dollar minimum bet, hit on my 8th spin.
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    195 free spins on Bier Haus 200

    That's pretty good lol
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    My local casino has started handing out gifts. I personally hate that they do this. I used to get comped up to $600 in food at the steakhouse after going there. Now they cap that comp at $195 and every 6 months want to give me some piece of crap luggage set or something similar. I don't know what they are thinking. I would prefer to get food comps over gifts. Unless they comp me Breitling watches or something decent.
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    @Jeff Patterson That's definitely an interesting superstition (one i will carefully consider next time). Mine still is the playing with point card inserted - I swear once I take it out I have a better chance at turning my luck around. Even though I worked @ a casino and they insist there is no difference whether card in or not. Sucks to lose points but if I win it's like getting my comp cash in advance
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    Jeff Patterson


    I won't play a CashOut Ticket. I go to the Collect Cash Machine and get the cash. They say the slot does not know the difference between the ticket and the cash. But.. I seems to lose on tickets more than not. Superstitious
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    Ummmmmm... What would you do being @ a casino that didn't allow cigs? Find another "lucky" super superstition! I know NY don't allow and through the Big Jackpot learned neither can Colorado.