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  1. The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    China Mystery 3,995.00 3 jackpots 💣💥💣💥💣
  2. Best Pet Photo Contest!

    Bear is an 8 year old big Pure Breed White Lab. Bought from a California Breeder as a puppy for $2,500.00. He is worth every penny.
  3. Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    Triple Diamonds 💎 💎💎
  4. 22,000 Subscibers

    Tonight we hit 22,000 Subscribers 💣💥 Boom 💥💣
  5. Biggest Wins IGT

    Found this photo from a year ago. MegaBucks $3.00 a pull... $9.00 into play.. Boom Hit for $6000.00. 6am, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Starbucks Coffee in hand trying to wake up... 😳
  6. Met The Raja Las Vegas Group Pull

    Las Vegas Sunday August 27th The Cosmo $14,000 Group Pull. Traveled to Las Vegas and met Scott, Brian, Tee, Jeremy, & Kelly. All were very friendly down to earth people with "Class". I watched The Big Jackpot behind the scenes during this event and they really had it together. They clearly work very hard to bring you these live big events. Thank you Scott & Crew for a really great Live You Tube Experience 👍 💣💥
  7. Biggest Wins IGT

    In Las Vegas for The Big Jackpot "Group Pull" and hit this $30.00 a spin Top Dollar for $1,400.
  8. Biggest Wins IGT

    In Las Vegas for The Big Jackpot "Group Pull" at the Cosmo. Got a nice $1,600 hit on Triple Diamond.
  9. intro to video

    There was absolutely nothing negative or offensive in that post at all.... I was replying to the "Original Post" by Norms about the 1980's tv video intro.. and everyone else. That's what this forum is for?.. I'm not sure where all this "anger" is coming from but I think you've taking something way to literally. You have a nice day. jeff
  10. intro to video

    What your describing is very similar to the intro to Shark Tank on ABC. I think most people are familure with sequence for each Shark. Way not Scott, Brian and Tee. It could be a look of "Rich Guy" "Everyday Guy" or Satirical Humorous Guy". At the end you have a group shot of the 3 of them. I say let Scott, Brian, and Tee create their own image using all props they can think of to elevate their image for The Big Jackpot. Shark Tank Producers take many shots to come out with the "Filthy Rich Look" Admittedly the producers staged some of the shots behind some props not owned by the Sharks themselves. It has to be Original and something the other channels haven't done! It's time for The Big Jackpot to be the Trend on You Tube...
  11. $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sept 26 $8,995 Sept 27th $29,000 Sept 28th $9,995 Sept 29th $12,500 Sept 30th $8,000 Overall $68,490
  12. $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

  13. How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    Repeat Question When you change the denomination mid stream playing a slot machine... does the chip change the percentage of payout (or) does the payout percentage remain the same no matter what??
  14. Omni Casino Giveaway!

    1 - $7,500 2 - 6:55 3 - Ace Bentura
  15. Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!