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  1. Scratch offs

    Most states also have a list of remaining prize amounts on every lottery ticket on state lottery websites.
  2. Scratch offs

    Here is a list of all lottery ticket winning amount abreviations. This are abbreviations from Indiana, but am fairly sure they will be the same for most states. I believe the abbreviations only go up to 500 in Indiana and all other abbreviations are random. Please correct me if you see any misinformation here. $1=one $2=two $3=thr $4=for $5=fiv $6=six $7=svn $9=nin $10=ten $14=frn $15=ftn $19=nit $20=twy $21=tyo $25=twf $30=try $35=tfv $40=fry $50=fty $75=svf $100=hun $150=ohf $200=twh $250=thf $500=fhn
  3. Hi Linda, Oregon is a super nice state! I enjoyed a few days driving around the state a few years ago. Im from Indiana myself. Check out the introduction area of the forum as well as other post. They have 3 contest going on right now!
  4. Hi From Victorville, CA Merica

    Hi Cordelle, Welcome to the forum. Lots of interesting stuff on here to see. There a couple contest going on right now you should check out; there free to enter. Please let anyone know if you have any questions..
  5. The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    7600, 6 and black widow
  6. Lightning Link BOOM !!!

    I liked playing at Greektown while I was there last year. Lot of people seem to like lightning link. I played invaders from the planet moolah while i was there. Loved how it was multi denom.
  7. Robert Bixler from Gainseville, GA

    Very nice! I have always wanted to play roulette but most casinos have that damn electronic table games around here. I loved Oregon when i was up there. Absolutely beatiful, i saw some big areas that got burnt while i was up there. I hope you post some of your wins on here as well as pictures from across the country! I live in the country myself and like landscape pics; you can start your own topics on here, pretty cool. Are you a patreon member, should check it out? I know it can get lonley on the road sometimes and theres always someone to listen on their facebook page. Only like $2 a month too. I look forward to following your post.
  8. Starting a NEW slot channel for us slot nuts!

    I look forward to watching TGS.
  9. Robert Bixler from Gainseville, GA

    Hi Robert Welcome to the forum of won.com. Thank you for providing a wonderfull service to us all!. My father was a truck driver and a couple of my brothers are as well. I took several months off work to see the country with a friend who worked for Swift. I get that same feeling going new places, as I get playing slots. My most memorable trip was going through yellowstone teton. My buddy was unexperienced and went through a tight pass. Would love to hear of some memorable stories you have regarding good moments on the road or great casino stops.
  10. #finally

    Sounds like a message; finally gonna line it up and hit the jackpot of jackpots! Boom!
  11. Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    Sorry yall this contest was over a couple days ago. There are a couple new contest. I would enter the Halloween contest if i was you guys. MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!
  12. Starting a NEW slot channel for us slot nuts!

    I would do a couple superchats during live play. Great advertising! I have seen your channel and will subscribe.
  13. Scratch offs

    These letters can appear anywhere on the scratchoff area of a ticket.
  14. Best Pet Photo Contest!

    Mesha, was fed half a can of tuna before and after pic!
  15. Kelli from San Diego

    Hi Kelly welcome to the forum. Beautiful dog, I did not even know Aussies were bred to be mini. Please thank your husband for his commitment to our country!