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  1. Scott must be the most unlucky Lightning Link player I know haha. This is how it's done and must be Big Jackpot fans https://youtu.be/4oNrb706XAg BOOOOOM
  2. $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 9/26 - $15680 Sun 9/27 - $4560 Mon 9/28 - $5680 Tue 9/29 - $8670 Wed 9/30 - $5640 Overall - $16580 LIGHTNING LINK pleeeaase and I'll never as again haha (: I just want to see the feature on a big bet. So much potential. Good luck boys from the New Zealand Bombsquad
  3. Just found this and thought it was definitely worth sharing! !!https://youtu.be/gqtg_mC3Gps
  4. I'm always pushing for a good Lightning Link session! !!! (: And love how crazy 5 Dragons can be on 30x!! I was betting $6 once and pulled out just under 5k! That would be around 20k with a Raja bet
  5. Are you able to start a poll on here so people can add games and vote for their favorite to see you play in August? I know other forums you can start a poll but not sure how you do on here (: (:
  6. Have you randomly seen someone wearing a Big Jackpot shirt and if so where?? I saw a guy wearing one at Sky City Casino in New Zealand. I was also wearing my #BOMBSQUAD shirt and walked up behind him said BOOOOOOM! We had a good laugh and grabbed a beer. Great community.
  7. A mission for our man Raja!

    https://youtu.be/wLDxvK_WsCM Lol excuse his language. ... this is 25c but goes up to $1. Progressive is over $100,000 compared to the smaller denomination version (:
  8. Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

  9. A mission for our man Raja!

    Next time you are out venturing into new casinos can you make it your mission (or Brians) to find $1 denom Lightning Link. I have seen these on YouTube and the potential is huge!! Plus EVERYONE always asks for Lightning Link so this would definitely satisfy their needs haha. Love your work and looking forward to seeing how big this channel grows! ! (:
  10. 4k+ Guess the suit gamble lol

    He wasn't happy lol
  11. Ouch!! https://youtu.be/T8rzjlm9kCE
  12. Favorite game to watch Raja play

    5 DRAGONS!!!
  13. Loving 5 DRAGONS!

    Awesome! Lol the winnings always go back eventually. I love any games with that reel style of play!
  14. Loving 5 DRAGONS!

    Sky city Auckland New Zealand. Was only playing 1c @$6. (:
  15. Favorite machine to play and why

    Lightning Link all the way! Or 5 Dragon style machines