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  1. Lightning Link BOOM !!!

    Watching people around me playing 50 cents or $1.00 they hit crappy bonus rounds all the time. Bump that bet to $12.50 or $25 and its tough to hit one. Really tough. I don't know how many times I have donated all my money to that darn game playing higher limits. I find it pays off much better at $6 or less.
  2. Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    I hit the 5 symbol trigger last night on Pompeii. The woman beside me was so excited for me. (Must be a newb) I told her I'll be lucky to win $25 extra during the bonus and she disagreed. Turns out I would have been VERY lucky to hit $25 more. I got $6 more than the trigger. How many volcanoes did I get in free spins? Yep, ZERO. Just brutal. The curse continues........
  3. How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    Recently the new Lightning Link Machines at the local casino have been paying really well. Yesterday I saw they were all closed down for "maintenance". Could they be reprogramming them to pay less?
  4. Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    20 times 5 with retriggers!!!! I'm going to go have a nap now and dream about doing that
  5. Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    That is the 5 symbol curse. I triggered a Timber wolf bonus round and got free games. During the free games I got $125 for the 5 owl retrigger. Not a multiplier in sight!! By the time I was done I had retriggered 4 times and cashed out somewhere in the $350 range. Just brutal!! If those multipliers had showed up it would have been $6250 just to trigger. I have had the 5 coin trigger on that darn dragons game a few times and cashed out almost exactly what the trigger paid. What games are out there that are guaranteed to be big wins with 5 symbol triggers? I'm guessing there must be some?
  6. Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    Hughes, not sure how you got Pharaohs fortune to cough up more than $50. I can't seem to. That is sweet. I always pick start free dud games within one to three picks.
  7. Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday $22225 Friday $17654 Best of luck!!! Can't wait.
  8. 4k+ Guess the suit gamble lol

    That may be the best side bet in the casino. I'm thinking it is just a straight 1 in 4 chance without a house edge? He did say he was $50,000+ into the machine. That being the case, it's not that big a wager for someone with deep pockets.
  9. Insulted?

    It almost seems random. The cashback always seems predictable as it is $6 for every $1000 through the machine, but free play I agree is a mystery. Sometimes my freeplay is quadruple my cash back and sometimes it is even with it. Shouldn't it be a direct computation? My casino also clawed back my weekend hotel nights. I get three a month and now two of them are only valid Sunday to Thursday. Its also harder to get a room comped. They are allocating a greater percentage of the hotel to people that pay vs. those of us who have already paid. (Many times over) Must be hard times for Harrah's. They also stopped changing cards every 3 hours. Now they change cards once every 24 hours or as needed if one gets damaged/bent etc as I guess it was breaking the bank. Good place to play poker I guess if you know how to subtly mark the cards.
  10. Insulted?

    This morning the casino emailed me to send me the weekend comps update. I got $100 more for the steakhouse plus a bunch of buffets, $75 in cash back and $135 in free play. The $100 in food will get me a nice T-Bone and the King crab appetizer. The free play money will get me the usual $0. Is it just me that has zero luck on free play? It's kind of to the point where I don't believe the people that say the machine doesn't know. I don't even seem to get play out of it. The most free play I have had was $600 and I usually get north of $100. Those are decent enough amounts that I should see something...If i ever do, you will hear me. I'll be the one yelling FINNNALLLLLYYYYYY....
  11. Magic Pearl L Link Major Hit

    Ya, talk about beginners luck. Mini Boom for my baby boy. I gave him $100 to play while I played Timberwolf. He wasn't even $50 in when he hit the major progressive on a $2.50 bet. Afterwards he played the timberwolf next to the donation factory I was playing and he got a bonus. Not being greedy he chose 21 spins and retriggered FOUR TIMES!!! I thought for sure it would end up being another handpay but it ended up with mostly dead spins amounting to about $600 almost entirely from the trigger pays. Needless to say, now he wants to go back.
  12. A mission for our man Raja!

    I would love that but are they out there? The only $1 denom I have seen was in demo mode. Do you have a link showing one in an actual casino?
  13. Insulted?

    My local casino has started handing out gifts. I personally hate that they do this. I used to get comped up to $600 in food at the steakhouse after going there. Now they cap that comp at $195 and every 6 months want to give me some piece of crap luggage set or something similar. I don't know what they are thinking. I would prefer to get food comps over gifts. Unless they comp me Breitling watches or something decent.
  14. Magic Pearl L Link Major Hit

    Went out to celebrate my sons birthday by taking him to the casino. Had a pretty decent night. Some wins....Would have been a great night if I had of stayed away from Big Red and Lock it Link. My son hit the $1060 one. I hit the $1305 playing 5 cents denom and the $993.50 playing a dime.