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  1. Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    Lucky lemmings or whales of cash deluxe if they don't have lemmings!
  2. Superstitions

    I can't change denomination, raise or lower my bet, unless it's and even dollar amount and a multiple of five. The extra change and such, aggravates me to no end.
  3. Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday $7,850 Friday $12,327
  4. Smaller Oklahoma casinos.

    Does anyone have a favorite smaller local? Maybe with a choice selection of older titles? I'm usually a riverwind, winstar, and firelake grand player. There are several smaller casinos within a 30 minute drive of me. I.E. the Blackhawk and Kickapoo casino. I'm curious to find a few I can road trip to in state.
  5. Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    Hmm, tough one. $9,255.00
  6. Bomb Squad

    I'm from a small town outside OKC, OK
  7. The Wynn or any hard rock. I may as well decide how much I'm willing to lose, and pay a guy half the money to work me over with a roll of quarters in the parking lot then leave. Would be quicker and cheaper
  8. Should I bring this to wear on the 4th?

    You definitely should have brought the suit
  9. Favorite machine to play and why

    I'm a fan of volatile machines, usually aristocrat. Or anything .25ยข and above denom. But, my all time favorite game other than keno, has to be lucky lemmings without question. Its just so fun and you can win on it. Before WMS became crap
  10. Native Casino's or non Native?

    They still have to follow federal regulations, however they have varied state compacts on a state by state basis. Server based gaming isn't big even in Vegas yet, and while they can change the payback % with it, it's not as simple as a switch or a few keystrokes. A disturbing amount of states don't require they publish a payback%
  11. June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    34th is my guess
  12. Tonight's Giveaway - BBQ Set

    in guessing $7250. Hopefully double that
  13. Hello all I'm from Oklahoma and I play statewide. I prefer riverwind in Norman and Winstar