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  1. Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    $300 double diamond
  2. The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    Raja will start with double diamond 8 jackpots 16,538 will be the largest
  3. $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

  4. Smaller Oklahoma casinos.

    Oklahoma casino in Hinton is a great smaller casino.
  5. Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday $16,276 Friday $18,972
  6. 7/6 Pateron Giveaway Spinoff

  7. 7/6 Pateron Giveaway Spinoff

  8. Good night of small hits

    Good night on a 1.50 bet where's the gold 2nd spin got bonus paid $231. Then put a 20 in betty white game hit $156. $20 in vgt lucky duck $3 bet hit $90 cashed out put another $20 in cashed out $60. Then put $40 in vgt money bags hit $351. Low betting but over all nice night of wins!
  9. What NFL Team(s) will you Bet on in 2017 💰💰💰

    I hate to say it because I don't like them but new England patriots hard to count them out.
  10. What's your favorite game to watch Raja play? Mine is kitty glitter
  11. Superstitions

    Does anybody have any superstitions when they play? I do certain shirts etc. I won't put in another slip while I'm playing completely where's me out!
  12. Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    2.00 bet dangerous beauty 671.00 minor after buying 60.00 in on thursday.
  13. What's the most you've won a a small bet? Mine is a .50 bet for $1356 and a .75 bet for a $1000 What's yours?