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    Jeff Patterson

    22,000 Subscibers

    Tonight we hit 22,000 Subscribers 💣💥 Boom 💥💣
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    Tunica, MS Labor Day weekend.

    My wife and I decided to go to Tunica this past weekend for labor day and my 30th birthday. We didn't bring much to gamble with. I only brought $250, but lady luck was on my side all weekend. I ended up walking away with over $4300 and my wife was up several hundred. I am not sure if the slots are getting looser there or what was going on but it was amazing. We went to every casino there and walked out ahead from all of them. I got my first ever hand pay. It was at Sam's Town for $2880.00 on a triple stars machine $4 bet. This was the best birthday weekend I have ever had. #boom
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    Ha, one regret I've got is not going through with the following: When I was 18, I found myself with a little bit of money in my pocket, and gave some serious thought to buying a Ferrari 308. What stopped me was 1) the insurance and 2) I could afford the car, but if something broke, well, I would have been SOL. I wound up passing on a roughly $30K car, that 10 years later is selling in the 70K range.
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    I have to calm down after driving the Atom sometimes as it give you such a high lol.
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    Ariel Atom's are interesting - I've never had the opportunity to drive one but one of these days hopefully I will. Currently rocking a Chevy Malibu. I've been lucky to be able to have an opportunity drive / ride in quite a few different cars, hence the name "rollsorferrari" - when I win the powerball I'll be the guy with a $150,000 home and a $50,000,000 car collection